Leng Peng was established in 1985.

Our main core of business was in the design and supply of Fashion Forecasting on Colors, Trend and Design for the Apparel Garment, T shirts, Denims ,Textile Printing Industries and Fabric Design.
We publish Fashion Runway Shows Magazines, Market Report and Trend directions including textile and fabric forecasting.
Our team of Friendly Service Designers and Consultants travel Globally collecting information on customers behavior and awareness and directions driven.


Due to the latest Worldwide Pandemic COVID-19, we have suspend store opening. Most of the Magazines are now available in Digital PDF format, except some Trend Forecasting Books and Graphics & Logos Design Books are still available in Hard Copy.

We thank all our customers for all the past support and we will continue to extend our support and service.


LENG PENG Design Intelligence

email: billchua@yahoo.com

whatsapp +6590665680

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